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InKAS 2nd Annual International Art Exhibition

InKAS would like to cordially invite art pieces of Korean adoptee artists to InKAS' 2nd annual Korean adoptee and Korean artists art exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. One of InKAS' prioritized projects are art related events where adoptees are able to professionally connect with Korean's mainstream social groups. We believe that a strong identity search for adoptees are found not through learning the Korean language and culture but also through meaningful interactions obtained in the Korean adoptee artists & Korean artists’ collaborative art exhibition 2015. 

Art is a medium of identity. Allow this opportunity to explore motherland Korea seen through the lens of art.

Our art exhibition hosted in November will be participated by 30 Korean adoptees artists and 30 Korean artists of similar level of artistic establishment. Last year we were able to successfully sell 30% of the 67 art works submitted and generously entire profit was returned to the artists 100%. 


Additionally, due to last years success, participants from the art exhibit 2014 will be hosting an additional adoptee art exhibition this September 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This year’s exhibition gallery will be at the “Ara Art Center” —

Submission Deadline: October 10th, 2015

Eligibility to apply: 

  • International Korean adoptees from 15 different Western countries of Europe, North America and Australia 
  • Korean national artists (30 persons)
  • No age limit

Acceptable Art Medium & detail: 

  • Drawing, Painting, Illustrations, Photography, Digital Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Fiber Art, Printmaking & all other medium 

Art Work Regulation (Physical Description):

  • Size of art work must be able hang on the wall (Please communicate via email for individual arrangements)
  • If you art work is an installation display or sculpture, please communicate with InKAS for special arrangements
  • Do not submit the frame of art work. (This may increase return shipping costs if the art work is not sold during the exhibition) 


Submission Process & Material:

  1. Personal Profile including the information of one’s past exhibit participation, if any
  2. Artist Statement: An artist statement is a summary of an artist's beliefs, inspiration, and purpose. Please submit an artist statement of 3 to 5 sentences or less.
  3. Artist Biography: Please submit an Artist Biography of 3 to 5 sentences or less.
  4. Submit a digital version of 3~5 other art pieces from the past 
    1. Make sure all files are titled correctly: “Full Name, Title of Art, Medium, Date of work”
    2. Submit valued price of your art work (if for sale)

How to submit art work (digital version):

Step 1) Visit:

Step 2) Login to website: ID: inkas2015 / PW: abcd1234

Step 3) Upload 3-5 digital version of art work

*Minimum Pixel of 300 dpi*


Registration fee: Free


Should your art work be accepted, your name and exhibit name/title/artist statement and biography may be used in “Reminisce - InKAS” Publicity e.g.,  Art Exhibition’s promotion brochure & templates


Acceptance Result Notification:

  • Your acceptance will be notified before October 11th, 2015 (You may be notified sooner if your application arrives in advance)
  • Priority will be given to adoptee artists who are participating for the first time 


InKAS’ Sponsorship Details:

  • 100% of the profit will return to artist (Upon request, InKAS will arrange your direct contact with buyers) 
  • Advertising, curating and gallery rent will be sponsored fully by InKAS 
  • InKAS & Ara Gallery will frame your work upon arrival

If you have any questions regarding the art exhibition, please email 



InKAS - International Korean Adoptee Service Inc | Phone: +82-2-3148-0258 | Fax: +82-2-3148-0259
(03698) 15F, 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea