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Christmas Party 2011

Event date: 2011-12-28

Christmas Party for Korean adoptee with InKAS Mentors and Volunteers


Event date: 2011-12-28

Congratulation for everybody did a good job on TESOL Course. 

Two days InKAS office closing

Event date: 2011-12-29

Important Notice : InKAS Office will be closed on 29th(Thursday) and 30th(Friday) of December,2011 due to arrange our office stocks and documents for this year. 

Thanks for understanding in advance.

InKAS Team

Samchon Emo Program

InKAS is currently organizing a new mentoring program, our "Samchon Emo Program" (삼촌 이모 프로그램). This program will select mentors who are Korean professionals and retirees that are currently/where working as business owners, government officials, news reporters, etc. Our mentees will be Korean adoptees currently living in Korea. The purpose of this program is to provide Korean adoptees with mentors that have extensive experience working in Korea as well as the ability to receive advice, counseling, and networking opportunities if desired. 

In Korean, the word "samchon" means uncle, and "emo" means aunt. The reason we chose our program name to be "Samchon Emo" is because your mentor will provide a support role, much like an aunt or uncle would. Many Koreans call elders that are close to them "samchon" or "emo" even if they are not blood-related. 

This program will not have a specific start and end date, rather InKAS is merely providing contact information and matching the mentee with a mentor. However, this allows you to choose what kind of mentorship you would like. You can meet only once in a while to chat about general life experiences and difficulties living in Korea. Your mentor can also provide a higher level of interaction if you wish - providing counseling, career information, weekend homestay/holiday visit, or acting as a support contact during emergency situations.

For those who are still finding their way in Korea, this is an excellent opportunity, particularly to those looking for a job. We are not selecting just anyone as our mentees, but successful professionals that are well-respected and well-known in their community. InKAS will also organize group gatherings for all mentees and mentors occasionally to attend holiday events, sporting events, etc. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE AS A MENTEE, please email InKAS at: for an application.

Thanks for your interest!!

Scholarship Spring 2012

Event date: 2011-12-14

2012 InKAS Korean Language Scholarships
for spring semester

Please note that the application for Seoul National University will be closed on December 31st and for all  other schools you can apply until January 28th.

This is a great opportunity to learn the Korean language at a prestigious university in South Korea. InKAS provides Korean language scholarships to overseas Korean adoptees. In association with a grant from the Ministry for Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs, scholarship grantees can study at any of these language Institutes: Ewha Woman’s, Korea, Kyunghee, Seoul National, Sogang, Sookmyung and Yonsei University. Any overseas Korean adoptee over the age of 18 who can invest a semester or more of studying Korean is qualified for the scholarships.

1.      Application – Required documents

- Application form

- One photocopy of adoption document with your Korean name

- One photocopy of your passport with passport number

- One photocopy of your high school graduation certificate

- One photo (3x4cm)

- One page of self-introduction

* In case this is your second term, you could submit just the application; the other documents are not necessary but may need to be sent on a special case basis to InKAS.

2.      Application Dates

Starting from December 14th, first-come, first-served basis

*Only the fully-completed application along with all the required documents received between December 14th and January 28th, will be accepted. Selections will be made entirely on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*In case you had any problems academically or in any other ways in your school in any previous semesters, your application can be rejected or your acceptance can be cancelled.   

3.      How to Apply

① Sign-up through the InKAS website and go to the Korean Language Scholarship section:

Services -> Scholarship  -> InKAS Scholarship Program Request  (

② Submit an application form on the page and upload all the required documents on “Mypage” 

*MyPage is on your right top after you log in.

 4.      Korean Language Schools





Kyunghee Univ.


Korea Univ.


Ewha Woman’s Univ.


Yonsei Univ.


Sogang Univ.


Sookmyung Univ.


Seoul National Univ.

Course period for each university

1)      Kyunghee Uni. – 2012.4.2~2012.6.13

2)      Korea Univ. – 2012.4.2~2012.6.13

3)      Ewha Womem’s Univ. –2012.3.14 (Wed)~2012.5.23 (Wed)

4)      Yonsei Univ.- 2012.4.2~2012.6.12

5)      Sogang Univ.- 2012.3.6~2012.5.17

6)      Sookmyung Univ. –2012.4.2~2012.6.12

7)      Seoul National Univ. – 2012.3.5~2012.5.11

Generally, the classes at all the universities run from 9a.m. to 1p.m.from Monday through Friday. *Unlike last semester, unfortunately, we can’t afford to grant scholarships for any evening classes due to reduced funds. However, even though you have to cover the whole tuition on your own, if you still want to attend an evening class, you yourself can apply for it directly to the school that you want to go.

5.   Fee

- Application fee to InKAS : $77 US dollar or 82,000won (You can make the payment through Paypal on the website or directly at the office)

- Tuition fee is 50% covered by InKAS Korean Language Scholarship. (excluding the  registration fee to a school)  In case this is your second term on the same university, you don’t need to pay the registration fee. 

*Except Yonsei University, students need to pay 70% of the tuition fee.

All notices related to fees will be sent by notification individually after being chosen as a scholarship beneficiary. You will get the results sometime after the application period is ended by email, which is January  28th, 11:59pm Korean time.  

If you have further inquiries regarding the InKAS Korean Language scholarships, please visit the InKAS website to check out the information or leave a message in the Q&A section.

Inje University International Korean Adoptee Program

Event date: 2011-12-14

IIIHR (Inje Institute for International Human Resources) International Korean Adoptee Program is now accepting applications for the 2012 Spring semester.


IIIHR International Korean Adoptee Program is a non-profit educational institution at Inje University, located in Gimhae, Gyungnam Province, Korea. The program was founded in 2001 and has hosted over 230 Korean Adoptees from 17 conturies.


The Semesters are 15 weeks and will start on March 1st, and June 7th. The tuition fee is only $600 USD and it covers classes, housing(dormitory), cafeteria meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and day trips to cultural and historical sites in Korea.


The classes are approximately 15 students in size and are taught in English. Students will live on campus with a Korean roommate, and attend Korean Language, Culture, Cooking, Movie, Music, and Taekwondo classes. They will also participate in weekly English Conversation groups. In addition, IIIHR participants have access to Inje University’s weight training gym, library, and multimedia resources.


If you are interested in IIIHR Program you can contact Kim Ji Hye. Kim Ji Hye is the IIIHR International Adoptee Program Coordinator. If you have questions you can contact us at You can also visit our website at for more information.


Inje University

Korean Adoptee Program Coordinator

Kim Ji Hye




InKAS Christmas Party

Event date: 2011-12-23


It’s that time of the year again…the InKAS Christmas Party!!!
InKAS would like to invite all Korean adoptees to come celebrate the holidays with us on Friday, December 23rd on the 18th floor of the Korea Press Center.

***(Please note because of limited seating we will be giving first priority to Korean adoptees)

We will have three separate events held that evening:

2:30pm-5:30pm Career informational session: We will have several speakers discuss tips on opening your own business, information on completing taxes in Korea, and also many representatives of English schools will come. If you are currently looking for an English teaching position, you can bring copies of your resumes as well as a short cover letter to give to representatives. 

6pm Our InKAS TESOL Certification Class will have their graduation! All participants that successfully passed the TESOL Course will have a ceremony and receive their certificates at this time.

7pm Christmas Dinner and Party: PLEASE RSVP TO IF YOU WILL ATTEND THE DINNER, WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING. This dinner is FREE. There will be a delicious Western-style and Korean-fusion buffet with music performances starting at 7pm. 

We hope you all can come!! When you RSVP please let us know which events you will attend, thank you!

Directions: For a map, use this link:

You can get off at City Hall (blue line) and take exit 4, walk straight and the Press Center will be on the right (letter A on the map)
You can also come from exit 1 or 2 from Ulgiro 1-ga (green line)

You can also come from exit 5 at Gwanghwamun (purple line)

Recent InKAS Events!

Here are some of our recent events!

Our Thanksgiving dinner at the InKAS Guesthouse!

Our InKAS Winter Leadership Workshop to Jeonju and Muju Ski Resort!

Our first TESOL certification class will be finishing in about two weeks!


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