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Samchon Emo Program

InKAS is currently organizing a new mentoring program, our "Samchon Emo Program" (삼촌 이모 프로그램). This program will select mentors who are Korean professionals and retirees that are currently/where working as business owners, government officials, news reporters, etc. Our mentees will be Korean adoptees currently living in Korea. The purpose of this program is to provide Korean adoptees with mentors that have extensive experience working in Korea as well as the ability to receive advice, counseling, and networking opportunities if desired. 

In Korean, the word "samchon" means uncle, and "emo" means aunt. The reason we chose our program name to be "Samchon Emo" is because your mentor will provide a support role, much like an aunt or uncle would. Many Koreans call elders that are close to them "samchon" or "emo" even if they are not blood-related. 

This program will not have a specific start and end date, rather InKAS is merely providing contact information and matching the mentee with a mentor. However, this allows you to choose what kind of mentorship you would like. You can meet only once in a while to chat about general life experiences and difficulties living in Korea. Your mentor can also provide a higher level of interaction if you wish - providing counseling, career information, weekend homestay/holiday visit, or acting as a support contact during emergency situations.

For those who are still finding their way in Korea, this is an excellent opportunity, particularly to those looking for a job. We are not selecting just anyone as our mentees, but successful professionals that are well-respected and well-known in their community. InKAS will also organize group gatherings for all mentees and mentors occasionally to attend holiday events, sporting events, etc. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE AS A MENTEE, please email InKAS at: for an application.

Thanks for your interest!!


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