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2016 Global Leadership Summit

“Global Leadership Summit - Expanding world views”

Application Deadline: July 15th, 2016

Are you a Korean adoptee living in Korea or visiting Korea in August, 2016? We invite Korean adoptees as invited panelists and participants to our 5-day leadership summit!

From August 8th to the 13th, InKAS is hosting a “Global Leadership Summit” for Korean university students invited from selected campuses nationwide. The purpose of this program is to provide an experience for young Koreans living in non-metropolitan cities of South Korea to obtain a globalized perspective of today’s world. InKAS is convinced that Korean adoptees, with his or her multicultural background, can be cultural advisors to the young minds of Korea. We encourage Korean adoptee panelists to participate in the “Global Leadership Summit.”

Specifically, InKAS invites 25 self-motivated and culturally enriched Korean adoptees who would enjoy presenting his or her observation of Korea. The program will consist of panel discussions, guest speakers and outdoor traveling actives. As part of the program, all participants will be subject to an identification clearance in order to participate in the "DMZ Underground Cave” tour. It is therefore crucial that all attendees apply 3 weeks in advance to August 8th, 2016.

To participate, InKAS asks you to submit a short paragraph discussing one of these topics:

Examine Korean society. What is your impression?

- Compare and contrast the greatest difference that you observed in the day to day interaction of Koreans in comparison to America/Europe/Australia. 
- Any topics of interest regarding our views of Korea that you would like to share during the summit.

Email to apply

**All expenses, except flight to Korea, is sponsored to selected candidates**


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