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InKAS Chuseok Party

Event date: 2013-09-15

Invite all Korean oversea adoptees to InKAS Chuseok Party

2013 InKAS Summer camp

2013 InKAS GK Summer Camp application period has started!
Deadline is April 8th, 2013.
For questions please contact to

How to apply:
-log in
-My page
-My application
-2013 GK summer camp application

InKAS Event for December

Event date: 2012-11-14


InKAS Event for November

Event date: 2012-11-14

InKAS Garden Party

Event date: 2012-05-19

InKAS is having a Garden Party to recognize Family Month, the month of May, and also to celebrate the book publishing of Eva Yoo Ri Brussaard, an adoptee from the Netherlands who wrote a book of poems about birth mothers.

We would like to invite all Korean overseas adoptees, birth families of adoptees, InKAS supporters and volunteers, and any friends to our Garden Party on Saturday, May 19th at 4pm.

The Garden Party will be held at the InKAS guesthouse "Woorijip": Seoul, Soedaemungu, Yeonhuidong 95-20. There will be a 10,000won fee that includes the food buffet, a copy of Eva's book. 

PLEASE RSVP IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND: by May 16th, 5pm. PUT "5/19 OPEN HOME RSVP" IN THE HEADING. Provide your full name, and how many people you will bring. We will accept RSVPs for the first 100 people.

5월 가정의 달을 맞아 한국을 방문한 해외 입양인 들에게 관심과 사랑을 보여주신 친 가족, 지인, 인카스 자원봉사자와 친구분들과 함께 하는 시간을 갖고자 합니다.

또한 네덜란드 입양인 Eva Yoo Ri Brussaard 의 시집 "멀리 있는 어머니를 위하여" 의 한국 출판 기념회를 함께 갖습니다.

행사 일시: 2012년 5월 19일 토요일 오후 4:30
행사 장소: 인카스: 인카스 게스트 하우스 "우리집" 서울 서대문구 연희동 95-20
참가비: 10,000원 (시집/뷔페 식사포함)

예약: 5월 16일 수요일 오후 5시까지 이메일 예약 선착순 100명에 한하여 행사에 동참하실 수 있습니다. 이메일 예약 시 "5/19 오픈 홈 예약"으로 제목을 하여 보내주세요. 예약문의: 0203148-0258.

Samchon Emo Program

InKAS is currently organizing a new mentoring program, our "Samchon Emo Program" (삼촌 이모 프로그램). This program will select mentors who are Korean professionals and retirees that are currently/where working as business owners, government officials, news reporters, etc. Our mentees will be Korean adoptees currently living in Korea. The purpose of this program is to provide Korean adoptees with mentors that have extensive experience working in Korea as well as the ability to receive advice, counseling, and networking opportunities if desired. 

In Korean, the word "samchon" means uncle, and "emo" means aunt. The reason we chose our program name to be "Samchon Emo" is because your mentor will provide a support role, much like an aunt or uncle would. Many Koreans call elders that are close to them "samchon" or "emo" even if they are not blood-related. 

This program will not have a specific start and end date, rather InKAS is merely providing contact information and matching the mentee with a mentor. However, this allows you to choose what kind of mentorship you would like. You can meet only once in a while to chat about general life experiences and difficulties living in Korea. Your mentor can also provide a higher level of interaction if you wish - providing counseling, career information, weekend homestay/holiday visit, or acting as a support contact during emergency situations.

For those who are still finding their way in Korea, this is an excellent opportunity, particularly to those looking for a job. We are not selecting just anyone as our mentees, but successful professionals that are well-respected and well-known in their community. InKAS will also organize group gatherings for all mentees and mentors occasionally to attend holiday events, sporting events, etc. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE AS A MENTEE, please email InKAS at: for an application.

Thanks for your interest!!

InKAS Christmas Party

Event date: 2011-12-23


It’s that time of the year again…the InKAS Christmas Party!!!
InKAS would like to invite all Korean adoptees to come celebrate the holidays with us on Friday, December 23rd on the 18th floor of the Korea Press Center.

***(Please note because of limited seating we will be giving first priority to Korean adoptees)

We will have three separate events held that evening:

2:30pm-5:30pm Career informational session: We will have several speakers discuss tips on opening your own business, information on completing taxes in Korea, and also many representatives of English schools will come. If you are currently looking for an English teaching position, you can bring copies of your resumes as well as a short cover letter to give to representatives. 

6pm Our InKAS TESOL Certification Class will have their graduation! All participants that successfully passed the TESOL Course will have a ceremony and receive their certificates at this time.

7pm Christmas Dinner and Party: PLEASE RSVP TO IF YOU WILL ATTEND THE DINNER, WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING. This dinner is FREE. There will be a delicious Western-style and Korean-fusion buffet with music performances starting at 7pm. 

We hope you all can come!! When you RSVP please let us know which events you will attend, thank you!

Directions: For a map, use this link:

You can get off at City Hall (blue line) and take exit 4, walk straight and the Press Center will be on the right (letter A on the map)
You can also come from exit 1 or 2 from Ulgiro 1-ga (green line)

You can also come from exit 5 at Gwanghwamun (purple line)

1st Adoptee Art and Film Festival

Event date: 2011-11-18

We invite you on 1st AAFF(Adoptee Art and Film Festival) !!!

If you want to attend, you need to contact us at to be placed on the invitation list. The event is free for all adoptees on the invitation list(Please specify in your email if you are an adoptee)

Please make sure that you should write an email title "AAFF attending"

Thank you!!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Event date: 2011-11-24


We would like to invite any Korean adoptee living in Korea to come to our annual Thanksgiving dinner.  There is 20 spots available, so please email us ( if you want to attend - we will select the spots based on a first come - first serve basis.  This is a great opportunity to meet new people in the adoptee community as well as catching up with some old friends.  

Hope to see many of you there!

2011 Winter Leadership Workshop

Event date: 2011-12-02

Winter Leadership Workshop

2nd ~ 4th Dec

This is the news that you have been waiting for!  2011 InKAS Winter Trip!!!

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for Korean adoptees living in South Korea and elsewhere to learn about South Korea’s diverse culture.

This year’s InKAS Winter Trip will be held in JeollabukDo(전라북도), one of the southwest districts of Korea. During this trip, we will have several exciting activities such as a tour of a historic site at Jeonju / Ski & Spa at Mooju and seminars on lifestyle and career opportunities in Korea. 

Jeolado is the most famous province for Korean food in Korea. Especially, JeollabukDo is well known for Jeonju Bibimbob. Also, we will take a tour of historic artifacts of the 500-year-old Chosun dynasty and explore the Mooju area with its nature-friendly tourist attractions.

 Join us in this time of excitement!!

Application deadline: November 26th, 6pm

How to apply:  You need to be an InKAS member to apply.  Please sign into your InKAS account and under “My Applications” fill out the 2011 Winter Recruit Trip.

Who can apply: 35 Adult Korean adoptees! Only the first 35 people who apply can join this trip!

Workshop Fee: 30,000 won

Friday Schedule

1300: depart from Sinchon to Jeollabukdo

1500: arrive at Jeonju

1600: Recruit Seminar I in Jeollabukdo Provincial Office

1730: dinner with Joenbuk University students

2000: free time with Jeonbuk/Joen Nam University students

Saturday Schedule

800: breakfast

900: Joenju Folk Village tour

1200: lunch (bimbimbap)

1300: depart to Mooju

1500: hike Mt. Duckyoo (riding a gondola)

1700: Recruit Seminar II

1730: dinner

1830: Recruit Conference

2000: free time

Sunday Schedule

700: breakfast

800: ski or sauna

1200: lunch

1300: ski or sauna

1700: come home :)

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